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Top 10 qualities Ladies look for in a Gentleman

A Lady | November 22, 2020
Pierce Brosnan - Top 10 qualitiesLadies look for in a Gentleman

The 21st century woman is independent, fun-loving, and most importantly, outspoken. She says what she has in mind without fear of anyone and does not bother with what society thinks of her decisions. But when it comes to being with someone, there are many things on her list of qualities that every man must have in order to consider him as a potential partner.

These are the top 10 characteristics that every Lady would like to find in a Gentleman


Yes, you’ve heard it before and you will hear it again because it’s very much true… all women like a man who can make them laugh, and that’s a fact.


Being gallant towards Ladies is part of a Gentleman’s DNA. Despite the fact that some gestures may have become “old-fashioned” in the modern world, for a Gentleman these are still considered essential good manners, worthy of being preserved; because, a true Lady will always appreciate a spot of polite chivalry.


A Gentleman knows that good manners and proper etiquette are the cornerstones of who he is. The words “Please”, “Thank you”, “You are welcome”, and ”No, thank you”, are all part of his daily conversations. He is well-spoken and well-mannered in his tone, and is able to navigate situations with ease, grace and consistency.


For any Gentleman, personal hygiene is a priority and he puts thought and effort into his overall look in every situation. He knows when to arrive clean shaven and when it is acceptable to reveal a 5 o’clock shadow.


One characteristic of a true Gentleman that may pass unnoticed is his sense of generosity with his time, resources, as well as his wisdom and knowledge. He will always be willing to help a Lady in need in any way that he can.


A Gentleman knows exactly when to just listen to what others have to say instead of doing all the talking as he can glean the most wisdom by doing so.


A Gentleman upholds his mission to keep his vows and therefore will not break his word, no matter what happens. A woman’s attachment is a biological imperative that fuels their maternal instincts.


A Gentleman values privacy and keeps the details of his income, love life and upcoming professional moves private. He knows not to “kiss and tell”, and that the intimate moments he shares with his Lady are meant to be theirs alone.


A Gentleman must always be curious about life, he is a good reader and wants to make the most of life. He reads books that not only fuel his passions but help him discover new areas he is becoming familiar with. He is educated and recognizes that knowledge is power.


This does not mean a Gentleman should be able to recount the Norman Conquest by heart, but women look for men who can, at the very least, hold a good conversation. It is of utmost importance to be a man with social and emotional intelligence.

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