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10 things Gentlemen do on Sunday

A Gentleman | September 13, 2020
10 things Gentlemen do on Sunday copia

Although a Gentleman ever truly turn off as they always have million things to do, on Sunday they like to take some time for themselves to recharge batteries but, most important, to share quality time with his family and/or friends.

Here’s how a Gentleman spends its Sunday…

1.  Enjoying a hearty breakfast

This may be the only day they have enough time to enjoy a really good breakfast… But, what do they have for breakfast? Normally they will have some cereals with natural yogurt or skimmed milk; a wholegrain toast with guacamole and an egg on top; a few pieces of fresh fruit, OJ freshly squeeze or a smoothie. And, of course, a coffee like an expresso, a cappuccino, a coffee-late, or americano). And all that, with the necessary time to enjoy it in good company over a good chat, or by himself reading the news.

2. Reading the newspaper

It is paramount to be up-dated and to know what is going on in the world. Most gentleman read the newspaper while having a coffee but others like to sit in the garden, or a terrace, to just do that and truly enjoy their reading. Although it’s very trendy to use tablets to do so, a true gentleman would prefer to feel the touch of the fine texture of a traditional newspaper.

3. Purging emails and cleaning the Inbox

Sunday is the perfect time to purge your inbox of those emails that you know are spam or simply you did not have time to read during the week. But they don’t rifle through the whole virtual stack, but take a few minutes to skim the real rubbish off the top. They flag those that need action, or look particularly important, and leave other reputable correspondence unopened until they are back in the office next morning.

4. Doing some exercise

A gentleman takes an hour or so to keep himself fit but nothing too strenuous – Sunday is their time off, after all. They may go for a run, play a Tennis match, swimming a few laps at the pool or, many, take three hours to play golf. Because, by doing some type of exercise, they sleep better, feel fresher and – literally – will be stronger for the week to come.

5. Taking time for themselves

Meditation or going to the Church may seem one step too far, but many gentlemen do so and, if they do not, they will definitely find something they like to do in order to relax. Because, if they would do too many tasks on Sunday, it will feel so close to Monday that it’ll be as if they have start working one day early. Instead, they may throw on a film, grab some drinks and zone out. This will help their memory regroup, and the immune system recuperate as well as recharge their batteries.

6. Expressing love and care

Gentlemen take the time to call or visit their love one to know how they are and to show them they can count on him if needed. Sunday it’s a good day to buy a rose for the Lady, have a long chat with their long-distance friends that they cannot see often. Wherever they do as expressions of love, will be make truly happy to their love ones.

7. Spending some time with friends

Sunday is a great day for gentleman to invite friends over to watch a match at home or going somewhere as guests to do so. It can be just to grab a beer, have a cup of tea or an early night. The important thing is getting around some friends to share a relaxing afternoon.  

8. Preparing their week’s work wardrobe

A gentleman’s work wardrobe is always thoroughly laundered, neatly ironed and ready to wear by the time they hit the hay on Sunday night. They don’t want to spend week-day mornings pressing trousers or hopping around in search of spare socks. Instead, they make sure they know what they are going to wear each day – taking into account the weather forecast, and potential activities that may arise in their schedule.

9. Sorting out their diary and preparing their business week ahead

Before the day ends, a gentleman takes a moment to flick through their diary and check what meetings or engagements they have coming up this week. This will help mentally prepare them for the breaks in routine and keep them on an even keel for the days to come. Also they may jot down a rough to-do list to sum up their aims in simple concise points, but they do get down everything they need to complete and achieve in the week to come.

10. Getting an early night

They may want to cling onto the last vestiges of freedom before the working week rolls around once more, but they do know that they need to let go and go to sleep. Grabbing an early night and adding another hour or two to those 40 winks, will make them feel considerably better on Monday morning. Most probably they wake up before the alarm – because this is the way most gentlemen start their day.

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